I PASSED!!!!! 4th times a charms. Heres how - page 3

it's been a year now since i've graduated, and it has been a long painful journey. i graduated in may 2008. it is now june 2009 and after the 4th time testing, i have finally passed!!!! before i... Read More

  1. by   mccnurse2b
    Congradulations! I was excited as I was reading your journey - You should feel extremely proud! I wouldn't let your family take any excitement away from your accomplishments. That just sounded so hurtful for them to compare you to your sister. Well that's all past you now . . . . . go find the perfect job!
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  4. by   capitola
    how did you pass?? congradulations is their any way I can get some help. I am not doing well last part of R.N. school and I have put every thing into this pluss given up my job of years to do this. Let me know what ever I need to do turoting or what book. Help!!! Thanks for youer time. C-
  5. by   nneoma
    Thanks you so very much!!! and congratulation! this is indeed the kind of story i have long been looking for to encourage me going to take this exam the 3rd time.
    I like determined people like you and am proud of you.Will try out your method of study.Do you still have those books that you used?
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  6. by   jerzie0820
    your post had me do a big *SIGH* in the end, and almost teary-eyed. congratulations on passing! you deserve it, ANNIE, RN. :]
  7. by   SDA3694
    Congrats! Doesnt it make you appreciate it SO MUCH MORE...to know that you worked so hard?? God Bless you!
  8. by   doughboiwife
    I'm so glad you reached your goal...never give up!!!
  9. by   Angel love
    am so happy for u ...sunshine.., am taking mine soon but am using saunders now , hope it will work for me..
  10. by   nneoma
    yes please I need help with the Nclex-Rn preparation.How can you help?
    Thanks will await your reply