I need HESI Test Info!

  1. Hello. I am having difficulty finding info on the HESI test. Does anyone know how and where to get the study guide for this test, and just any information on it. All I know is we have to take it at the end of the semester and pass to continue on in our nursing program. Any help is appreciated!
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  3. by   blessed1702
    When I took it at the first of the year it pretty much covered nursing content that we were taught in school---it had a little of everything. They never did give us review for this in school. Sorry not much help. I do advise you to take it on a day when you have nothing going on. We took it in the evening after school- we were there till almost 11pm, that was rough I guessed on the 5 calculations they had because I didn't have enough time to finish!
  4. by   michelle00
    You won't find any information on the HESI test...the best thing you can do is to do 1000's of questions. I don't care how much you study, they find things on the HESI test that you didn't even go over in school. One of my questions on the HESI test was about priaprism in school and how you care for the patient with it....we never went over that in nursing school..we went over diabetes, the general nursing topics...its the things that you didn't go over that get you on the HESI and you will never be able to study enough...Springhouse Incredibly Easy REVIEW book is great study tool....the questions on the disc you can just do a few and you get the answer immediately...and it is broken up by section...psch, ob, ped, etc...if you want to study peds ..you can do a few questions.....My score the first time in peds on the HESI was the lowest in the class...the last score I was the highest....it was the questions....Hesi prepares you for NCLEX. HOW, well making you do the questions...I passed the NCLEX on 75 questions. I believe that you have to do the questions over and over...to succeed...HOPE THIS HELPS....MICHELLE
  5. by   thisgurl0183
    Thanks for the advice. I have a Saunders NCLEX book does that give me a good idea as to what the HESI is about? Someone told me there is a study guide out there, i just have not been able to find it. i guess i will have to keep looking. Again, I appreciate any advice given.
  6. by   navynurse06
    Actually, there is a HESI study guide book. Several of my friends used it when we were in school and then used it to study for NCLEX. Just got to amazon.com and search for HESI study guide. Its there!
    Good luck!
  7. by   ricced
    i took that test but the i had not gotten the results anyone know where can i get it.
  8. by   Raebeth
    Quote from ricced
    i took that test but the i had not gotten the results anyone know where can i get it.
    you may be able to get them from the site: evolve.elsevier.com They show you how to get the score report there. Good luck!