I Need Help With Nclex!!

  1. [FONT="Calibri"]Hello Everyone,
    2 days ago I took the nclex for the second time and I failed it. The first time I did Kaplan, all the prediction test were in my favor but I didn't pass the real test. The Nclex report said that I was near to the passing point in all areas. The second time I did Hurst which I thought was much better than Kaplan. Their video lectures and strategies really helped me to understand a lot. Again, I thought I was almost sure to pass this time but apparently it wasn't enough. This time the Nclex report test said that I was near to the passing point except Pharmachology where I was above the passing point and Psychological integrity which I was below the passing point. In this second test there were questions about stuff wasn't in my books or in Kaplan or Hurst program. Now I am schedule to take it a third time and I was trying to find an online program that is updated with video lectures. I learn more with video then reading. Please if you know any other program that is not Kaplan or Hurst let me know.

    Thank you.
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  3. by   chicagoboy
    How well do you do with audio?

    NCLEX-RN Home Study Course |
  4. by   saruwatari
    I used that. Highly recommended more than kaplan. Took the exam last oct 2 with 75 items, 1st time test taker, international student from the Philippines, out of school for 4 years but then i found out yesterday (oct3) that i passed!
  5. by   monkago2009
    Hi Suruwatari
    can you tell me what did you used? You said "I used that...'' but you don't say what.
    thank you
  6. by   saruwatari
    The one that chicagoboy suggested. Its feuer review. You can check my recent post in nclex forum, posted some few tips there. Goodluck!
  7. by   saruwatari