I have a question about hurst vs saunders

  1. So I've already graduated from Pn school and started studying for Nclex. I do have a Saunders 4ed review book and made a study calender from it. My question is that I already did the live hurst review and it came with a very straight to the point content book. But Saunders cover every single tiny thing. I'm trying to understand if it's better for me to go ahead and study the hurst review content book from front to back and only do Saunders cd or do both. Help me Plz. What's ur opinion!!'
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  3. by   Seas
    Just like me thinking Kaplan vs Saunders. Kaplan, Hurst type review course books have very brief explanation of things. Clear and simple, but not explanatory much. I wasn't quite satisfied with my Kaplan book. NCLEX may ask you some specific SATA question about a topic, and your review book may not have it all there. So I would suggest you to study Saunders at least on your weakest areas, so you will have a better grasp on them. However, with some topics a brief explanation will come more handy, like pharmacology. So read them on Hurst. I hope this helps.
  4. by   tashacorinne
    I have both things and have been studying from both. The Saunders is great for a lot of content, especially in areas where I may be weak. So for the Saunders, I have just been reviewing the main big points (the ones with the pyramids next to them) and if I don't remember the content that well, I will read more. After covering a certain section in Saunders, for example Endocrine disorders, then I will go through the content in Hurst. After reviewing everything in that section, I will go back to Saunders and answer some of the questions just for practice and to test my knowledge of the material. I like the content in the Saunders and the test-taking strategies for Hurst. It helps me in both ways Good luck to you!
  5. by   caliotter3
    Try doing what you are doing. If you are successful, you don't need to do anything else. If you are not successful, next time add the Saunders book. Good luck.
  6. by   Godsfavor
    I took the Nclex Rn read every page from the saunders book,kaplan and priority book for questions, cut off after 75 questions....getting good pop up and waiting for my official result. I strongly recomend the saunders book for content. If you know the content, you will have an idea of what the question is all about. Goodluck.
  7. by   shiloh_12
    ello everyone! I just want to ask if I should buy the Saunder's Comprehensive book 2010 5th edition? I have the 4th edition and its published 2008. Does anyone have the latest Saunders book? Did it really help you with your Nclex? What is the difference between the two? I also have a LaCharity 2008 1st edition...Do you think I should get the latest edition as well? I didn't make it on my first try so I'm gonna hit the books again. Thanks and have a wonderful day. -Ciel