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I didn't finish my exam and I rushed through the last set of questions and I got my analysis and it said "near passing" on everything. My drive to study has been wilting since that day in October... Read More

  1. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from accio
    this could be me. i took the test oct 23, failed, and here it is a month later and i haven't picked up a book. i was below passing on pharm, above passing on psychosocial, and near passing on all others. i am in such a funky state of mind. i know i'm not going to sit until the new year, but i can't even get to where i can open a book, though i just bought the new saunders book and the prioritization, delegation and assignment book by mosby someone on here posted about. i plan on doing suzanne's plan, and following it to a tee, so maybe that will do it for me.. any advice to get through the gloom and doom, have a good christmas with family and friends, and start back on track to passing this test?

    thanks for any advice...
    take a break, try not to think about the exam and then decide on a study plan, it may be one you decide or using a plan suggested by others but it needs to work for you. reschedule the exam to when you feel better prepared and mentally ready to sit it.
  2. by   brwnsuga83

    I was definatly feeling down and out about failing the exam but I'm slowly getting back on track...it hasn't been easy but it is something I have to do because I didn't come this far for nothing! Although I'm not sure when I am re-testing, I know I will not rush myself to take the test this time. KEEP YOUR HEAD UP EVERYONE AND WE WILL PASS AND BECOME RNs!!!