I don't understand...

  1. ..how the Ca BON works. I took my NCLEX now, 14 days ago. I have an IP and it is still up. Everyone I've talked to, with the exception of a few here and there, have all found out whether or not they passed within a few days. I on the other hand, am still waiting. I had between 80 and 90 something questions, I was sick with a fever and I had some weird, painful stomach virus if you can believe that. It all started the later afternoon the day before and therefore, not time to reschedule I was definitely NOT feeling up to par and I don't doubt if I failed. I tried my best, but being sick didn't really help me.

    Anyhow, if anyone has any insight on the Ca BON and what takes so long and if this means anything, that would be great. And, my file is complete with the BON, as I've already checked that.

    Anyone from Ca who has been in this position? Thanks for your insight on this
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  3. by   meg_wfd
    well on the bon webite, it says 2- 4weeks wait in the mail for the results. iv heard an instance where someone had passed & did not find their name on the internet until after they recieved the letter. i do wish CA was part of the quick results, it would make it so much easier for us test takers. goodluck!