I am so tired of being stressed out over NCLEX RN - page 2

I have to pass. I did ATI's, Kaplan, some Saunders, Hurst review, Mosby's...what ELSE am I expected to do to pass this NCLEX? Cant relax but I cant allow anxiety to take over either. My friend... Read More

  1. by   BORI-BSNRN
    Quote from silverdragon102
    they have a new post and they passed
    excellent news! congrats new rn's!!!! :spin:
  2. by   kbenzrou
    OMG, I took the nclex yesterday and It stopped at 190 and I am so scared...after it didn't stop at 75 I freaked out and had to take a break and compose myself in the bathroom. I cried as soon as I got to my car and for the rest of the day.i am losing my mind waiting. how soon can I find out?
  3. by   1cowgirl
    Hold your head up high, you may have alot going on. I also failed this would make my 3rd time took on 2/12/09 and failed with 100 questions. Took Kaplan Q bank, Hurst review. Don't let negative thoughts nest in your head like you can't do it, just don't take it. Yes we need to take until we officially have RN behind our names. Good luck on your journey to become a nurse.