1. Hi has anyone taken the online hurst and had the book so they can tell me if the book is similar to what is taught in online review.
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  3. by   NurseNightOwl
    I am using the online review now. The "book" provided with this are PDFs for each subject, and once you print them all out it's thick enough to be a book!! I have not taken the live class, so I don't know if it is EXACTLY the same as the book provided in the live classes, but I am 99.9% sure it is. There are blanks to fill in as you listen to the videos online. So far I love LOVE LOVE it.
  4. by   rdtolly
    by book i was meaning the one u can get off ebay not the online review. I was wondering how different the online review is from the book that u can get off ebay any help would be greatly appreciated
  5. by   NurseNightOwl
    I looked it up on eBay, and for the version that B&N is selling, a review said "This is a GREAT book to use to prepare for NCLEX! The first half of it is tips for passing and a kind of content review and the second half is test questions."

    To me, that doesn't sound like what is provided with the live class/online review. With the online review, there are about 10-15 pages (more or less) for each med/surg video topic (ex. cardiac, respiratory, ABGs, gastro, etc.) and the same for OB, peds, and psych. There are also supplemental materials regarding medications. As far as test taking tips/strategies, there is only about 3-4 pages of that.