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hi....i should be asleep cuz im taking the nclex tommorow at 8.but i wanted to know how to check if i passed.. like ..where do i go online? ..and where exactly do i go..and after how many days can i... Read More

  1. by   preciousbeads
    Hi, Thanks. I finally received the result and i failed!....i am battling against depression right now but, i know i need to retake it sooner before i lost the concepts of what i have reviewed. My husband and my son are my great supporter if it wasn't for them i probably have no direction. This NCLEX is draining me mentally and i won't be able to move on until i pass it. I hope for you to pass because the waiting time is an agony itself. I wish California is part of the compact state that we will find out the result within 72 hours, at least even if the result is fail the thought process of waiting is not so draining. Goodluck to you.