How many ?'s and whats score is Needed?

  1. how many questions are on the test, and what kind of a score is needed? do you get more than one chance if you don't pass the first time????

    all i know is i did horrible on my sat's... heres my reason, no matter how weird it may sound:
    it was middle of november, and they left us outside for 20 or so minutes after were supposed to be there. finally let us in, and it was dry and hot in the building. so, conicidentally, my nose started running nonstop, i had to keep getting up to get tissues and stuff. could never finish a section, nevermind actually concentrate on the questions.. the administrator saw what i was doing and had to bring me tissues to try and help....
    i get really scared for tests now.

    i havent even started a nursing program, but know that i have to take a lot of challenging courses that i have never taken before, and never done good in the subjects.
    nevermind having to take another test after i pass school, that determines whether or not i just wasted money and time on education i can't use!!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Depends on the exam, the RN has 75 up to 265. There is no numerical score give, just pass or no pass. Quite simple.

    Question number is slightly different with the PN exam, but same results.