how many percent do I need for me to pass nclex rn??

  1. my friend said I need to get 79%, he even said why not make it 90%... I just wanna know the real deal..
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  3. by   L8RRN
    It is not based on a percentage. It is dependent on the level of difficulty of the questions you are getting right/wrong. Get more questions right and the difficulty of the questions are supposed to get harder. It is checking to see if you are definitely above the passing standard or definitely below the passing standard.
    You can go to this website and look on page 15 for further information on scoring:
  4. by   KAYBDT6
    As said by LisserRN, NCLEX is not based on percentage but the test is base on level of difficulty question. My own theory of surviving NCLEX is to have 68-75% on practice test. I came across a replica CD like NCLEX format which i think prepared me before taking my NCLEX.