How long did you take to test?

  1. I took my NCLEX-PN yesterday...I've ALWAYS been a fast test taker...but when I raised my hand the guy came over and asked if I had a problem, and I said "no sir, it shut off at 86 questions" took me a little under an hour.

    Those questions though..I read some of them and didn't even see the right answer at all!! LOL those ones about your pt says this, what is your reply....from the 3 books I pre-tested out of..the answer was always paraphrase the comments to get the to talk more....and NONE of those were options on the

    anyhow...I think I'll go check pearson

    But how long did you take to test??
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  3. by   mlolsonny
    Mine was 85 questions in about 45 minutes, but I'm that annoying one who's always done first with tests... I'm a very fast test taker, I either know the answer or I don't. And I really don't think I'm going to have any divine revelation and if I ponder the question it'll come to me.

    The good news is: with 86 questions, you either did really well or really poorly (and my guess is: If you're a fast test taker you're pretty confident in your knowledge.)

    Best of luck!
  4. by   ksrnstudent
    I took the NCLEX-PN last Monday and it took me about an hour and 20 minutes. I'm one of those students that likes to double check every answer before turning it in. I have never been a fast test taker. Anyway, my computer shut off at 85. When I checked on the Pearson website two days later, I passed! Yahoo!
  5. by   JnJTyson
    Yep..I've ALWAYS been a fast test taker. I did the NLN pre-nclex test in about 45 mins..and that was over 100 and some questions!! LOL

    I'm hoping I don't have to wait until after Monday for my results...since the 4th of July is on Sunday, and well..everyone seems to be closed on Monday..hopefully, computers don't know about national

    There were a few questions I wasn't too sure about, but in general, I go with my gut feeling. I read every question making sure I checked for "MOST, FIRST, LEAST" those type of words..than answered the question in my head before reading the answers....

    Anyhow...I'll post how I did when I find out..I just checked 5 mins posting yet...we'll see!

  6. by   ksrnstudent

    I don't know how Florida is setup, but in Kansas you can get your results within 48 hours. I tested on Monday at 9am, and on Wednesday morning at exactly 9am I was able to see my results. I have heard it doesn't matter whether or not the 48 hours falls on the weekend or not. You should still be able to log on a see the results. Hope this is true in Florida. Good luck!

  7. by   VivaLasViejas
    It took me all of about 25 minutes to take the NCLEX. Talk about a shock.....four years of my life, and it all boiled down to less than half an hour in front of a computer and 75 questions. It still makes me head spin to remember that experience. Now I'm preparing to sit for the national Med/Surg certification exam in October, and I'm almost as terrified of that as I was of the NCLEX. Hope my results turn out as's been a long time since I had to study this hard........
  8. by   RN123456789
    It took me about 2 hours to answer 110 questions, but that was for the NCLEX-RN. I took my time answering, because most were at a very high level of difficulty, and I did not want to mess up and fail! Guess it worked, because I passed
  9. by   JnJTyson
    I PASSED!!! I PASSED!!!!

    I got online at about 3:30 today and my results were in!!!

    whew!! now thats a relief!!
  10. by   ksrnstudent
    CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you! :hatparty:
  11. by   RN123456789
    CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We all knew you would :hatparty: :hatparty: Time to do the happy dance
  12. by   BSNgrad2004
    75 questions = one hour and 30 minutes
  13. by   pgrsctrn2be
    75 questions in 40 mins, sat in the parking lot 30 mins crying over thinking I failed. Two days later results in and I passed. Three years of school and it all rode on a 40 min period of time hmmmmmmm
  14. by   Ari RN
    Quote from BSNgrad2004
    75 questions = one hour and 30 minutes
    Same as BSNgrad2004.