How is the NCLEX-PN scheduled?

  1. Well I have a declaratory order which will be going into enforcement due to non-disclosure. I am assuming that the case will be closed out and approved once my juvenile records are sealed, which should be hopefully next month.

    In that case, I am wondering how they schedule the NCLEX-PN. Do they only have testing once a month as a group at a designated location? Or do you just register for a specific date that you want and test at the appointed time and location?

    BTW, this is for Texas.

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  3. by   begosh
    NCLEX Testing with Pearson VUE

    Click on the link above and scroll down. Testing is administered by PearsonVue. They have locations all over the US. As for the process specific to NCLEX PN, I wouldn't want to give you wrong information.

    However, with NCLEX RN, after submitting application & fee to BON (and all required paperwork), I received ATT and registered with PearsonVue with a $200 fee and once this fee is paid, you can view and select dates and times available to sit for the exam in your area.
  4. by   equalme
    Awesome. Thanks!

    I guess I should just keep up with my studying so that I am ready to test right away once I get the approval.