How I Passed NCLEX the Second time!

  1. Hello everyone! I just wanted to take this moment to let everyone know who are studying for the NCLEX, or have tried multiple times on how I passed NCLEX the second time while still working!! Extremely happy to say that I found out that I passed (Oct. 11, 2012)

    YES the NCLEX is hard (in my opinion and I'm sure 99% of those who took it would agree). This test is definitely not one to take kindly to unfortunately. But then again if it was really that simple and easy to pass, a lot more people would be nurses

    Okay, so let me start by saying that the SECOND time I started studying AGAIN, it was extremely hard. I lost complete motivation and I chose to do everything else except study. I worked 30-35 hours per week, so when I got off work, trust me studying was the last thing I wanted to do. I worked all sorts of different hours either in the mornings or late evenings. It was a month before I decided I would begin to start studying and that was after I re-registered. One day it hit me, no explanation, but I decided at that time, I would have to start studying again because my test date was creeping up on me. Thinking really hard about it, I only studied moderately with multiple breaks in between my study sessions. My study sessions would only last for an hour or two and I would eventually get tired or my mind would wonder off in la la land.

    It worked out perfectly that I had 5 days off right before my test date, and that's when I decided to really put my foot down and get some hardcore studying done. I honestly wouldn't call it studying because I only went over a few materials if something did not register in my head.

    So what was my study plan for those 4 days? (Fifth day was the test date!!!!)

    My materials: First attempt just the "HURST Review"- excellent resource on how to breakdown core nursing content. I did reuse this material if I wanted to review on a certain topic such as hyperthyroidism. I did not go through every page the second time studying.

    Second attempt: Kaplan 2012-2013 Strategies, Practice, and Review Book w/ CD- Great recourse for definitely learning how to answer those NCLEX questions. It broke down on how to tackle the question and which way you should answer the questions. I learned a lot of strategies. Big thing is learning what the question is really asking and re-wording those questions! I used this strategy with practically every test questions. Also priority questions!!! ABC rules! If that doesn't help, try Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (REMEMBER: physiological needs are first before psycosocial needs) Last thing, Saftey!! Make sure your patient is safe! What will cause the least amount of harm to that patient?! Choose it! Highly recommend this book!

    Yup that's it!! So two materials. I did questions, and no NOT thousands of questions!! I did the questions from the Kaplan book which was 265, the CD that came with the Kaplan book 180 questions (timed), and I even looked up practice questions online. Answer the questions and learn from the rationales!!!! I learned how to tackle those questions and trying to figure out what that question was asking and used the strategies I learned!

    Trust me, if you know how to tackle those NCLEX questions, you can definitely pass the NCLEX! I hope this helps everyone that will be taking the NCLEX pass the first time or even the next go round So what helped me pass NCLEX?? Strategies and I'm living proof So even if you work crazy hours such as myself, you can definitely still pass the test! It's harder, but it's possible!!!
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    Congratulations and thank you for sharing your experience!
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    yiheeee! CONgratulations! i also passed NCLEX on my second time.
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    Thank you for the post and Congrats !!!!
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    Congrats and thank you for such a wonderful posts!!!