how i know if i pass the nclex rn or not?

  1. Hello guys
    I just take the nclex rn yesterday and I do not know how to pay for the quick result it's not activated on my account on pearsonvue. Does any body know how I can know my result in fast way?
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    Not all states participate in quick results. Here's a list of states that allow you to get quick results.

    Also, quick results are only available 48 hours after you finish your NCLEX exam. So since you just took your test yesterday, your quick results are not available yet. After 48 hours, you will have the option come up on your account to pay for the Quick Results (if your state allows).

    Keep in mind that quick results will tell you if you passed your NCLEX, but they will not tell you if you have an active license. It's still up to your BON to issue you a license, so if they don't have all the pieces of your application (such as payment, transcripts, finger printing information, etc.) then you won't be able to get your license yet, even if you have passed the NCLEX

    In the meantime, you try the Pearson VUE trick that the other posts describe. You can also check your state board of nursing website to see if you have an active license number, although this process often take a few weeks.
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    thank so much all for reply ,its still told me that my result not available and my result on hold
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    Again, quick results are not available until 48 hours (two full days) after you finish the test. It hasn't been two days yet- so that's why you don't have the option to get the quick results.

    In the status of your results, it needs to say "Delivery Successful" in order for the Pearson VUE trick to work. If it says that your results are on hold, then it means your results are being reviewed more closely for some reason. You may have been selected for a random audit, or your test may have been flagged for a closer look.
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    hello ashly ,i just try to register again to rn exam and its make me go to credit card page is that is mean that iam failed?
    in the same time iam lookin on the state board of nursing about my name i find my name and under the licence is issue is pending
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    Your state board will say "pending" until they have fully processed your application (received your NCLEX results, finished reviewing all the paperwork, etc.)

    If your results are currently on hold, as you said in your second post, then you cannot do the Pearson VUE trick accurately. If the status your results says 'Delivery Successful,' then you should be able to use the trick. If you are doing the trick correctly, then getting to the credit card page is an indication that you did not pass. You'll have to wait for the official results from the BON, or your quick results in order to be sure.

    Best of luck.
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    The PVT works!! I took my PN nclex yesterday, got 85 questions and 20 satas. I did the trick in the parking lot of the testing center and I got the good pop up. I was so excited and relieved. Then the next day I check the Heath dept. website and showed that I passed and a few hours later.... There is was my license!! I thank God for keeping me calm during the test! All I did to get ready was a lot of questions and rationales (right or wrong answers). No content, cause it was overwhelming for me, I thought the questions helped me better. I had no math on the test and only like 4 drugs that I have seen before. I had 2 exhibits and 2 arrange in the correct order, also an EKG strip. I was surprised I did not get many disease precaution questions, 4 of my classmates that tested recently got a bunch of those. I did get many priority questions and teaching. Maybe like 2 delegation questions. It really feels good to be done with the test, the anxiety was taking over me, but faith and prayer helps!! That's my best advice! Pray, breath and read carefully the questions, all answers are right in many of them, but you have to pick the best one, which is the challenging part. Best of luck to all of you!!:-)
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    Ok so I am freaking out because I just took NCLEX RN today and it stopped between 77-80. I did the PVT and the pop up came up. I really hope I passed. I sure walked out of there so uncertain and cried because it did not shut off at 75. I really hope PVT is correct!!!
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    Please do not worry! You passed! That trick doesn't fail!! Congratulations!!!! :-)
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    I Passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Officially a RN!!! )))
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    Hi I just took my NCLEX-RN today and tried the pearson vue trick and it lead through the so hopeless now..crying out loud!!is this really works and reliable??