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Hello Everyone, I took the Nclex this afternoon. I've never felt this horrible. I was confident before sitting for the exam but I felt like everything I knew went out the door during the exam. ... Read More

  1. by   Rach10388
    Quote from fmAtoZ&backagain
    Rach10388 how long you been preparing for the test?

    You review every book I know and I cant go that fast! How do you do it??
    Oh jeez, honestly? I gratuated from Nursing School May 14, I took like a week off doing absolutely nothing except for getting wasted to be honest, it was like a week long binge drinking episode just because I never could during school becaue of how demanding our program was.. After my week off I bought Virtual ATI. I completed the whole program like... June 17, took the predictor and then started the program again.

    When I started my first day of studying I went to Barnes and Nobles. I brought out Saunders Q&A and sat at the coffee spot and drank so much coffee I was there like 6 hours and I ended up leaving with Exam Cram because I didn't get to study out of it. The next day I opened exam cram, completed their 265 question first exam and got a 68. I was working during this time, and started up on my second exam and took it over a few days. I got a 62. I went to Florida (thats where my family lives but I am still in PA at my apt until my lease is up and I will be moving 6 days after I take my NCLEX!!!) and I brought down my laptop, exam cram, and NCLEX made incredibly easy. On the plan I did about 100 questions from exam three. I stopped. Got to Florida, worked out of Virtual ATI when I wa home which was like a weeek of maternity, I couldnt get through it. When I was on the beach I brought NCLEX made incredibly easy and read the material.. Not all of it, just my weaknesses. Came back to PA, stopped doing questions out of the books because they say you should really be doing questions the way you will during the exam.. So I started using CDs. I started with NCLEX made incredibly easy, doing 75 question exams, then 100 question exams, then I did 200 a couple times. This was all within like a week, between using the computer for questions I was sitting on my balcony opening exam cram and just doing random questions... This was like a 2 week shin-dig for me. I ended up completing VATI July 9, and I started using Nurse Logic on ATI's site, this was like a week long thing for me. I was doing questions from there, NCLEX made incredibly easy, and exam cram for like 2 weeks maybe...taking a day off, or only doing like 50 questions a day, not overwhelming myself..Then two times out of the week towards the end of July I would dedicate time in the Library at my school. I weent through their 2005 Kaplan book and did their exam and got a 68, a few days later I went back and started working on an outdated Saunders book and did a 265 question exam and got a 62. I took a day off and then only worked out of exam cram when I would wake up for a couple of hours while lying on the deck. My friend took her boards and told me sh only got 75 questions and Kaplan was such a blessing, she gave me her Kaplan account name and password and I have been strictly ONLY doing questions from Kaplan. I try to do it everyday...this is what I have been doing for the last 2 weeks. Between doing the QTrainers and Qbank questions, I read Saunders. I am reading the WHOLLLEEEEEE book since I miraculously found mine last week. I am only taking notes from Sanuders...very brief notes about things I think are important. I probably hit only like max...600 questions a week. and then I ALWAYS read Saunders I am going through like 6 chapters a night.

    I wrote a book I know.

    So in summary, I am starting to get strict with my studying starting now, I am going to spend like 8 hours straight of questions and fall asleep reading saunders.

    May, June, July, Aug... I probably only had like 2.5 months of studying put into the boards. But I used so many things. I can't really estimate the amount of questions I have done but I can say I have at least done... there are 6 modules from VATI with 3 exams for each at like 60 questions a pop... 180 x 6 = 1080 x 2 = 2160...yeah I have probably done more than 3,000 questions.

    Hope this helps lol
  2. by   Rach10388
    I also did Davis Q&A, my dad e-mailed it to me because he found a Downloadable version on his on system he uses, I only complted the first chapter I didn't think it was challenging enough... I can email it to you if you want???

    It helps! Every little thing helps.. shoot me an email if you are interested rach10388@gmail.com
  3. by   Rach10388
    ANNNDDD I completed the point which was given to us at school because our nursing director is the author for our medsurg books and she got us a free course. I completed that multiple times, 20 question exams. I did about 50 of those exams on allllll medsurg topics. LOVED IT!
  4. by   Rookmini
    Rach10388, you got this. Your grades are consistent. I am confident in you. Keep us inform on how you're doing.
  5. by   Rach10388
    ahhh i will definitely! threeeeeeee daysssssss wahhhh