Help with understanding NCLEX Results

  1. Can anyine help me to understand the results from the NCLEX? My son did not pass and the report from Pearson says that in all but one category that he was near the passing level. He was below the passing level in pharm. Does this mean that he did not pass any area?

    Life was so much better in my time when we had 5 tests and needed 350 on each or when the comprehensive boards came out and we needed 1600 to pass. At least then if you did not make the grade they provided you with details as to where your weaknesses were and you had a idea of where to begin to study.

    Any comments?
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  3. by   Leilah75_RN
    all the examination questions were categorized by test plan area and level of difficulty. when the result of the test is clearly above the passing standard then the test taker passes the exam, if it is below the passing standard, then the terst taker fails the exam. the standard required for passing is set based on the expert judgement of several individuals appointed by NCSBN. the result will not give us numbers but more so will be stated as below passing standard, nearly passing standard, above passing etc... i got all nearly passing standard and i failed the 1st try and now hoping to do better next time. if he is below the passing standard in pharma and all others are near passing level, means pharma is his weakest point altho with nearly passing result, he still didnt meet the criterion to pass.

    hope he is feeling well. he isnt alone. me and a lot others experienced what he is into at the moment. we will continue to learn and we will try and try to succeed. hope we all pass the next time around.