1. Hello Everyone,

    I have taking Hurst review to learn my core information all over again BUT it does not help with test strategies at all. I have been told by several people that most of the test is SATA & that is a weakest for me. I even have tried tutoring & that was a waste. I don't know what to do anymore to get pass this test. If anyone can help me out or tell me how they study for Hurst review hat would help a lot. I just need some great advice please!!!

    Thank You!!!
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  3. by   Joel001
    I was an LPN and passed the NCLEX-PN first time around. I used ATI testing program to pass the NLCEX-PN. Do you know what your are having problems with? Is it content or learning how to answer the questions? I suppose you already completed a vigorous LPN program which prepared you for the NCLEX. Focus on how to answer the questions. Remember ADPIE, ABC, and MASLOW.
    You assess before you implement. If after implementation your interventions did not work you will report it to the RN or Doctor.
    Use your ABC (air, breathing, circulation).
    The NCLEX-RN is another beast you cannot rely on just ADPIE, ABC, and MASLOW there is a lot more to it. I just passed the RN last weekend ;-) I used Kaplan and could have done it without them. Kaplan prepares you well to pass this test. Maybe you should try it.

    Good luck and don't stress. You will be a Nurse.