Help?! Will I fail? Or am I just overthinking?

  1. Hello....I graduated in May and am scheduled to take the NCLEX-PN on July 9th. I go back in the fall for my RN but I wanted to take the NCLEX for the PN because I wanted to get a taste of what the NCLEX is like and also wanted to see if I can pass....and the money of course.
    Anyways I have been using NCSBN learning extension, which cost 50 bucks for a 3 week subscription, I have been doing about 75-100 questions a day, and I can not seem to get over like 65% sometimes worse....does this mean that I am going to fail or that I am not ready? I feel ready...I feel like I know my stuff but I get more and more discouraged everytime I log in and do those questions.
    Has anyone ever used that and have any comments on it?
    I used the Saunders NCLEX-PN book CD too, and those questions seemed soooo general without much added that I didn't know if they'd help me....
    Looking for a friend who's been where i am.....
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  3. by   2bnursekemmie
    I would tell you to relax. I took a practice test that consists of 85 questions, the teachers told us if you get a 60% or better you are most likely to pass. You are getting 65% that great. Don't overwhelm yourself. :uhoh21:
  4. by   caliotter3
    Don't waste time worrying about the NCLEX. Study hard and work on relaxation techniques for the day of the test. Good luck.