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  1. Please can any one help - Took the NCLEX in the london office very early on 21/04/05 with my husband. I originally sent all my forms off in my unmarried name then got married and had my passport changed so got my ATT sent in married name - took the NCLEX in the name on my ATT. Went home that same night, husband was lookiing on AZ BON - did a licence verification check and somebody with the same name as me (christian and maiden name) recieved their licence that day. My maiden name is not common! Is this me or just some coincedence? Could you sit the test in your married name and have your maiden name on the licence as I did not send a copy of my marriage cert or anything Can your results be passed on that quickly? My husband's name is also on the licence list with application withdrawn. The recruitment comp. have messed up paperwork dose this mean that he has passed and thay are just waiting for paperwork? Please help.
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