help on nclex-pn pharmocology study tips

  1. To all,

    Im going to take my nclex-pn exam for the third time shortly, actually im going to schedule it tomorrow.

    I have taken an online review course however of course i am still nervous about doing the exam again.

    With pharmacology does anybody have any tips on how to study for that subject for the pn exam. The two times that i have taken the nclex pn i seem to get drugs that i have never heard of in my life. I have asked others and i was told that you cannot study for it just that i should know the basic drugs out there however they are never on the exam.

    Im getting quite a bit of pressure from my wife to take it again so i can start working. Anyway, im going to schedule it for about 2-3 weeks from now.

    any tips,

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  3. by   Deac Jn
    I am very thankful that I just learned that I passed my boards. I did have (it seemed) many questions with drugs I NEVER heard of before. I stopped and tooka deep breath, and tried to figure out from the name or the generic what the class of drug might be.
    When this did not work I guessed. Honestly, I guessed. Remember with the nclex the answer is right in front of you. If its a drug or other topic you don't remember seeing or studying before, take an educated guess use ABC, then Maslow then if all else fails pick the best sounding one!
    Remember, it's a computer test. It doens't know or care about YOU. The computer can't care less. Also remember that a certain percent of the questions are not even scored on your exam. They serve as test questions for the next rounds of exams in the future. Maybe the drug question you don't know is one of them.

    More import is to study, very hard, and to know cold those areas you can know. These will help build up your score. Personally I answered a min. of 100 questions per day using the cd from the Saunder's review book, for 6 weeks DAILY in prep of the boards.
    When i went in I KNEW I had prepared as best I could and wasn't nervous at all.

    Bottom line: control what you can control. Know your calculation formulas and how to apply them. Don't let the computer exam intimidate you. It is not personal!

    Best to you.

    Deac Jn
  4. by   Simon1
    Thank you for your advice, much appreciated...