Help... CGFNS verification for NY.?

  1. well, i have a little problem...

    i recently passed the exams here in the phil and i havnt got my liscense due to some problems and till now i am not sure when i will be able to get it. I can apply for verification without it ryt? im just not sure if they will still dig up on to it because i passed the exam.

    another question is... will it be any faster if they will just verify my transcript of records? they say its 6 mos but can it b faster if its just the transcript that they have to review? pls answer anyone. i NEED IT BBBBAAADDDLLLYYYY :gandalf:
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  3. by   K-Ann
    hi dettedette19, do you mean NY CVS or CGFNS qualifying exam? if you meant CGFNS, I think you need your license number to apply. If you already registered at PRC, your license number is on the green paper they gave you.
  4. by   K-Ann
    if NY CVS, i dont think they will need your license.