help 5 days to go before nclex

  1. hi to everyone i've been studying nclex for 4 mos i've taken the kaplan international complete course and ive been getting 50% on the exams and im currently taking the ncsbn course still been getting 50 % on the exams but i was able to study intensively all the questions and rationales of the exam i think i was able to take like 3 thousand questions and i even studied some questions from saunders qn a book like 1 thousand questions but not all, i really am not sure if iam prepared for the exam i've rescheduled my exams three times already and i dont want to cancelled it right now cause i really need to take it cauuse versant course will be starting this febuary and they need me to pass the nclex to be included with there program , pls give me some advice if i should push thru with my exam next week , pls help i really ned it im so scared right now,
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  3. by   SHEIKHA
    dont be scared. if you studied very well like you said, you have gained knowledge more than you know. i definitely advise you to sit for the exam next week. but if you want a finale reviewer, you can buy nclex-rn exam cram book 1,250 practice questions. costs php250 with cd in national bookstore. i suggest reading the book cover-to-cover and not use the cd at all bec it is not user-friendly. if you will take exam in saipan, you can bring it and finish it before your exam date. anyway, you still have 5days to go. you can finish it before then. im recommending it based on experience. im a first-time taker and my pc stopped at 75. without it, im sure i could have finished all 265 and not sure if i passed or failed. hope this info helps you. gudluck!
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