1. ok, so I took boards today for the state of WV, it asked 105 question, I had soo many prioritising and delegation and like 3 maths and alot of SATA!!!! Am I screwed, I felt like an idiot, like I didn't know anything, I mean some of the questions where stupid and such, but what do you guys think???? I can't get into my account on PV, forgot passoword, too many resets, etc, so the " trick" is out, I really dunno if I wanna risk it anyway..... please someone reassure me...

    PS> anyone have their test ' lock up"? mine did on question 22.... thought I would have to restart!!!! them it like started again.... then it shut off at 105... what you all think??



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  3. by   perfectly_4given
    my best advice is just relax pray , itll be ok. i havent taken mine yet, not till 2nd week of july, dont worry about the pearson trick ... its a trick we all dont know in the end if it works. go out and have fun while ur waiting to get your mind off it
  4. by   a1eyedbandit
    thanks! I caved and tried the trick.... waited almost 24 hrs so as to let the system time to update... I got the pop up would not let me get to the CC page!