1. Hi all. I have been lurking here for a while and reading all your posts. I live in MN and took the NCLEX for the first time in July, 2007 and failed. I AM DUE TO TAKE IT ON THE 28TH OF SEPT AND i AM ANXIOUS AS HELL!!
    Since I failed I have been using the Kaplan Qbank and the 2007-2008 book and CD to study. (I found that the Kaplan questions were just like the NCLEX test.) Anyway, after learning the "critical thinking technique" I got a 67% on my first attempt taking the test in the book, a 71% on my first time taking the test on the CD.
    When I first started the QBank I was doing horribly! I would take only 5 questions at a time and get 2 or 3 correct. But as I practiced and started increasing the amount of questions, my scores went up. now I am getting 60 - 80%.
    I am scared though. My Qbank had 1000 questions (I could not afford more) and I just got through them yesterday. Now I am reviewing the questions I got wrong.
    Could it be that I am only getting better scores now because I've been through these questions before?? What if I take the NCLEX next week and the questions are about something totally different?? Do u ladies think that Kaplan covers the most frequently used topics on the test?
    Please respond. I really value your opinions. I am so torn between just getting this test over with OR pushing the date further back.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Take a deep breath, make sure you understand the rationale to the ones you get wrong and if you feel you need to delay taking it for a bit longer then better to set a new date

    Good luck