1. Hi everyone. Im in absolute agony here! I retook the nclex today. It is my second attempt. I got 120 questions and feel terrible about it. Is there anyone who can give me any words of encouragement or who can speak from experience with getting around this number of questions??? I hate leaving there feeling soooo awful and not knowing....... any reply would be great!!
    :uhoh21: sooo worried.........
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  3. by   DolphinRN84
    I just wanted to wish you the best of luck on your results. As people on this forum have said, the number of questions does NOT mean anything. I have had friends that I graduated with pass when they stopped in the 100's-150. No worries You've done the exam, so go relax and do something fun to keep your mind off it. I know...believe me..waiting is the hardest. My test shut off at 75, but I was still worried about my results. We all feel that way after NCLEX Good luck! :icon_hug:
  4. by   nursedawn67
    Relax we have all been there....Mine shut off at 85 and I walked out of there feeling like I was the dumbest person on the face of the planet. And well I passed. You can do it. Just breath now!
  5. by   ashley_michelle
    I'm in the same agony right now. I took mine for the second time also last Friday and still dont know anything. I've read a book and started on the many thank you cards I have to write from my wedding. But I am going crazy not knowing! I'll be thinkin about ya!
  6. by   teenynurse
    I took my LPN over a year ago had 89 questions today I took my RN nyclex it shut off at 265 scared to death even though everyone I knew had all 265 and past but still stressing finding out in 72 hours it is the killer
  7. by   cas4978
    Thanks soooo much for the replies and kind words. I defenitly am stressed, but will try to keep positive. For those of you still awaiting results- GOOD LUCK and HANG IN THERE!!!
  8. by   raremoon22
    Sending Positive Vibes your way.
  9. by   RebeccaJeanRN
    I don't know how to tell you not to stress...because I confess to stressing BIG TIME while waiting for my own results. But I will say this: one of the smartest students in my class went all the way till the very end, and then PASSED. Now SHE felt like an idiot...thinking that it took that many questions to prove she should be licensed. As for me, mine shut off at 75 and when I got out to my car, I literally cried. I felt like I was unsure of every blasted question and that it was all guesses by me and that the computer just figured out how dumb I was, really quickly!! I felt really stupid and humiliated. But I too PASSED. So I guess we can all agree that 1) feeling dumb is no predictor of pass/fail and 2) the number of questions is no predictor. Its that simple. And as for the stress part, either you will or you won't. But if you can figure out how NOT to stress, more power to you! In hindsight, I feel the most stupid for wasting many minutes, hours and days of my life stressing...and in the end, what did it change? Nothing! (and I passed afterall, and feel all the sillier for the amount of stressing that I did!)
  10. by   joy1181
    I took the NCLEX in february, got 265 questions and failed. I was devastated ,but studied hard and rescheduled for June. I took it the second time got around 200 questions and was so freaked out that i had failed again. I felt the exact same way as you do now. Seven days later, I was relieved to find out I passed! So the amount of questions have absolutely nothing to do with it. Think positive thoughts and good luck to you.
  11. by   RNKay31
    Wishing you the very best.
  12. by   CaliEDRN
    I took my boards 3 times. I answered 320 questions all 3 times. I finally passed on my 3rd attempt, to my disbelief. The test has nothing to do with how well a nurse you will be! Ive been a nurse now for 4 years and I have been a preceptor for 2 years, an interm charge for 2 years, and have now been asked to be the new grad nurse educator in our department . Unfortunatley Im a horrible test taker, thats all that means...
  13. by   cas4978
    your replies are so sincere. i am really thankful for that. no matter the outcome, it's really nice to see how caring nurses are inside and outside of their jobs. it reminds me of why i chose this profession from the start!!
  14. by   cas4978
    Thanks for the cheers guys, I PASSED!!!! I am sooooo shocked and excited!! This forum helped me not stress as bad as i would have!! Thanks!