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I graduate in May and my instructor informed us today that the format of the NCLEX is going to change. She wasn't really clear about details but that this new format will be more "challenging"... Read More

  1. by   NurseDixie
    I agree with NurseWeasel, either you know it or you don't and the format of the questions shouldn't make that much difference. I graduate in December and I probably will be worried about it when the time comes to take it, but if I started worrying about it now, I couldn't concentrate on studying for the remainder of my classes. You're all going to do fine. Don't worry.
  2. by   Elenaster
    As someone who just took (and passed) NCLEX on Feb. 26, I have to agree that you guys shouldn't freak out about what they are going to change in the future. I can tell you that there are two very important concepts in successfully passing this test:

    1. Have a good solid knowledge base from nursing school

    2. Know how to utilize those critical thinking skills

    If you can do these two things, you will do just fine, no matter what kind of questions they throw at you. You do not have to know every little detail about every subject covered nursing school and remind yourself that NCLEX is NOT the real world.

    Even though I studied consistently for two months, I freaked out the weekend before the test and bought some B.S. "guaranteed to pass" on-line study guide and it was crap. Yeah, I passed but it had nothing to do with that crummy study guide. The moral of the story is I'm glad I panicked before the test and not during because it was really HARD, but thanks to some advice I received from someone who took the test last year, I knew that hard questions were a good sign. Sure enough I passed with 75 questions.

    Anyway, good luck to all future grads and takers of the NCLEX. BTW, the Kaplan book was the best and biggest help to me. I also used the Lippincott NCLEX-RN Review book and it is a good source for difficult questions.
  3. by   hope2!
    not such a bad idea! critical thinking and also communications skills are pretty important inorder to be an RN!

    and from what i have seen from most students here, you all will be just fine!!

  4. by   ohmeowzer RN
    ugh i just noticed this is a 2003 post... they should lock these up after so many years...
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