Has anybody who have taken Kaplan FAILED boards?

  1. Hello all!

    I graduated on May 16th and I took a Kaplan class. I scored 62% on the readiness test (still had 15 to go and ran out of time) and have completed just about all of my Q bank questions ranging from 58-74%. On question trainers 1-5, I got 55-59%. Still got Question Trainers 6&7 to go and the goal is to aim for 60%. I'm taking Question Trainer 6 sometime today and Question Trainer 7 tomorrow. Depending on my results for Question Trainer 7, I will schedule my boards for July 2.

    I am also doing Saunders for content on areas I am weak in.

    My question is are there anybody out there whose taken Kaplan and FAILED boards? Also, for those who have taken Kaplan and passed, would you say the questions were comparable to NCLEX?

    I'm freaking out! The thing that gives me hope is that Kaplan offers a money back guarantee if you failed after doing all the Q bank questions and all the Question trainers. I've completed 1100 questions in the Q bank and my overall score is 56%.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    People who have used Kaplan have posted that they failed. Same as with any other program, it is possible. You just have to use your resources to the best of your ability and look for the best. Good luck.