Graduation and NCLEX-PN???

  1. Hi there! I am relatively new! I won't be graduating from my LPN program until 2007 but wanted to know how soon after I graduate can I take the NCLEX-PN? How do I find out where to take them and cost and things like that?? My school has not been helpful because they are very short staffed in the Nursing department right now and no one seems to return calls! Thought maybe you all could help! I am in OH if it is any help!

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  3. by   TheCommuter
    As of today, it costs $200 to take the NCLEX-PN.

    How soon after graduation can you take NCLEX? Well, that would depend on when your state board of nursing receives and approves of your paperwork. Usually your school will send the state B.O.N. your eligibility paperwork around the time of your graduation, and maybe before. Once the state deems you eligible, you may register with Pearson-Vue, the administrators of the NCLEX exam. You cannot schedule a test date until you possess an ATT (authorization to test) paper.

    Some people have taken NCLEX 2 weeks after graduation because their school sent the paperwork to the state early. Other people have taken it several months after graduating either due to the slow state background check or because the school sends in their paperwork after graduation. Since you graduate in 2007, it is my opinion that it is way too early for you to worry about this NCLEX business. Good luck anyway!