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My test is scheduled for January 25th at 3:15. It was scary just hitting that confirm button. I'm very nervous. I am meeting my schoolmates tomorrow and we are going to swap NCLEX study books. I... Read More

  1. by   shalznjay
    Hello, I am a new member currently working here in Toronto Canada as a caregiver. I am a registered nurse way back home (Philippines) I wish to go to USA for job opportunities, is it NCLEX-RN that I am going to write or CGFNS. Tnx
  2. by   oldnurse newnurse
    I am in Illinois and my state received my app. Jan. 5 when do you all think I 'll get my ATT?
  3. by   JessicRN
    I just took my rn-clex after being and RN for 26years. I am a canadian living in the USA and working with a TN Visa. This year in order to keep it I had to do the NCLex. I already had my Med Surg Certification so all I did to study for the test was review the tapes for that certification and study nclex exam review books- I passsed with flying colors...:roll. Good luck to all of you, if an old rusty nurse can do it so can you
  4. by   Vman
    i had sent in all my required paperwork to the state board of ed. on Dec 1st and registered with pearson vue on Dec 7th and still have not gotten my ATT. i called the board of ed last week and they told me my info had been cleared and my authorization to test is there but had not been processed yet so it will take another 1-2 weeks till i get it!!! so at this point it is now about 6 weeks i am waiting.
    the facility i am working for hired me under the pretense that i would be taking the nclex within approx 2 months after they hired me (i began working there right after graduation). now the last 1 1/2 weeks they have been asking me everyday if i heard about my board date yet. i tell them no and get a "not so good" look from the nurse/site manager....kinda as if i am BS'ing them.....and it makes me feel as if my job is in jeopardy. it seems all the other LPNs (some that just took the nclex as recent as 6 months ago) have gotten thier ATT in about 2 weeks.
    with the time my info was sent it, and being the "board of ed", there was thanksgiving, christmas, and new they had alot of time off, that is the only reason i can see for the long delay......but it seems my job may be "on the line" cause of this.