Got Motivation?

  1. so here i am paying bills online and such, and in the back of my head i keep thinking....get upstairs and study. but to tell you the truth i'm sick of it already....i have been studying for the exam since august 2006!! i have changed up my studying habits each time, i know test anxiety has a lot to do with it, and for my 3rd time i have asked one of my instructors from the nursing program to help me. let alone, other things are going on....i am in debt now for what will be 3 exams, plus renewing my lpn license, traveling expenses to take the exam, and lost wages along with traveling to take the exam, twice....going on three. i have not yet scheduled my test date, and cannot until the state boards here in mt approve me study plan......which i found out they do not meet until the 22nd of this month! my husband has been so supportive, but at the same time i'm losing motivation, and maybe it's because i already have my lpn to fall back on, but still, my student loan payments start.....the beginning of next month..........grrrrr......i'm so frustrated, tired of studying, and just not having time for myself for like the past 6 months!! what motivates the rest of you!!! help!
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  3. by   Leilah75_RN
    what motivates me is the drive to work as an RN, my family and my present situation. i failed once already. but i will not stop trying until i get it. i already paid a lot of blood, sweat and tears, added weight due maybe bec of depression, a lot of sleepless nights and all the anxiety symptoms that you could imagine. a lil bit short financially. the money for books, retake fee and exam fee isnt included on the budget. difficult but i just think that when i pass, everything will be worth it.

    good luck to all of us.