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:spin: It's very hard to retake the NCLEX- RN for a second time but figuring out why you failed is even harder. I know for certain that the nursing material wasn't the problem but the strategies and... Read More

  1. by   rafRN
    Quote from ivtherapypct_06
    I'm going to do suzanne's method. I took kaplan's review b/c it was required by my school, but I had to wait 3 months after the review to take my test b/c my state has a new law that requires all Graduate nurses to complete 120 hours of work before you can take the NCLEX. So I had a big time frame from the review course and my test.
    at least you still have enough time to review and prepare for the NCLEX.Make use of it coz' it wud take some time to finish suzanne's first tip.And yes,Pm suzanne wen ur done with the first tip.
  2. by   dollface99
    I am so happy that this thread is helping others express their feelings about the NCLEX examination. It also allows people to tell their happy or sad stories about taking the NCLEX exam. I wish everyone good luck and remember to praise god.