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Getting excited and nervous about my test Monday! Hopefully I ace this thing!!... Read More

  1. by   dragon_lady
    Congrats!Cheers!!Time to celebrate
  2. by   CYoungLPN
    Quote from dragon_lady
    I'm in California and they said they'll send the result in 2-3 weeks And you can't see your name until you pay for the license fee.And Ca doesn't participate in quick result.Btw,I took mine on December 6.Good luck to us.God bless
    Haha don't do it to 'em girl lol
  3. by   Neese80!
    Quote from shaybrown0924
    I PASSED!!! I'm officially an LPN!!! Woot woot!!! Thought about calling my current employment (Walgreens) n being like I can't come to work I'm a Lpn now! Bahahah
    Lol that is too funny!!! Congrats!!!