Freaking out!

  1. I know there are many posts on the same topic....Freaking out!.... but I must vent and get some kind of feedback before I go crazy!

    Ok. I took my NCLEX exam this morning. 75 questions in an hour and a half. Once I hit next after the 75th question and the computer screen flickered my heart just about dropped to the floor. I wanted more questions. I dont feel good about this at all. I would say about a fourth of my questions were med questions (which is just ridiculous), i had over 10 multiple multiple choice questions, a few priority and mostly med surgical questions. My strong points are OB and psych....go figure......

    I don't know what im going to do for the next 30+ hours.

    I would hope that the computer would have atleast given me a few more questions if I was answering them all wrong.....

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  3. by   idontknow
    Also....I forgot to ask.... If I took the test today (Friday) will my results be posted in 48 hours or do I have to wait until Tuesday?
  4. by   onduty23
    48 is 48 hours. you get your result sunday
  5. by   idontknow
    Thank you very much.