For those who passed: Please share your study habits - page 3

I wanted to get study tips from those who passed NCLEX, and get some ideas on effective studying habits. I would really appreciate if you can answer these questions: 1. How many hours a day did... Read More

  1. by   biglala
    Thank you for giving us such good ideas really appreciate that bottom point is use one book for content ,lacharity ,and at least 3000 questions and read the rationales.

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  2. by   Yownyown
    1. How many hours a day did you study for NCLEX, and for how long?

    - 5 months, minimum of 4 hours and maximum of 9 hours

    2. What books did you read? Any book in particular you focused on?
    - almost all. haha! hurst book, saunders book, kaplan strategies, exam cram-RN,pda. I focused saunders for my content. I used kaplan qt, exam cram and pda for my practice questions as my final coaching

    3. Did you take a classroom/online review from Kaplan, Hurst, etc.?
    - yes! its called NCNA near our area (classroom review)

    4. Did you answer practice questions? How many per day?
    - yes! a lot! i finished all the questions on the book. 75- 100 per day. but sometimes whenever im tired,i only answer 20q

    5. Please share any other study habits/tips/resources/books that you feel has greatly helped you in passing NCLEX.
    - Do deep breathing exercises and when your computer did not shut off at 75, just relax, take a deep breath, you are still on the ball game. Don’t focus on the number of questions, don’t analyze the questions as a high level or low level, that’s my mistake on my first take. Just analyze what the question is asking you and do the power of eliminations

    - To those who didn’t make it for the first time like me, trust me, I’ve been on your shoes before, I understand and I just want to say and I dare you not to give up on your dreams. They said, “The only real failure in life is the failure to try”. You can do this, I know and I believe that you guyz are strong and a fighter.

    - be determined, believe on yourself, be consistent and have faith