feeling anxious and frustrated!!!

  1. hello guys..i am new to the forum but so glad i discovered it..
    i live in los ang, took nclex-RN on tuesday May 8th and still no results, checked the board site this morning the info still not updated from friday the 11th..i had all 265 questions..wow..never had that many and believe me i took exam many times..also i am a us grad..i feel that i failed again what a shame....anyways just wanted to share some thoughts and wish all of you best of luck!!!
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  3. by   lissyenfer
    Don't feel frustrated, try to take your mind out of it. I will be also testing for my second time. I like this forum because it gives you support and gives a lot of advise so don't be a stranger when you pass.
  4. by   ThatGuyTom
    I live near L.A. area as well and was wondering where you took your exam. Good luck and I hope you pass! :spin:
  5. by   strawberrydeligt
    hey..i took exam in anaheim, ( i live in woodland hills, san fernando valley)still have no results, they are very busy at the board, so i ve been told there is no negative or positive results posted, means i have to wait...truly hate that cause its a torture..
    anyways good luck to you as well let me know if u need any help