Failed to (hopefully) passed, what I did

  1. Figured id just give a little advice for what I found to be the most useful study resource.

    The first time I failed the NCLEX-RN VERY fast (like 90 something questions). And had a friend that also failed.

    We both used the Yellow Saunders book

    Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN Examination, 5th Edition

    And found it to be by FAR the single best resource. Its the closest thing to covering ALL of nursing school again all in one book. Read this book (1200~) pages cover to cover, and it will teach and refresh you everything from nursing school.

    Plus it has questions at the end of each chapter (which are incredibly basic/easy and straight forward from the book) with EXCELLENT rationales for all of them.

    Id say as far as core content (Which is imo the single most important part of the test) this is flat out the BEST resource.

    As far as questions its not really that helpful because the questions are INCREDIBLY easy and right out of the chapter (but the rationales are excellent), I found the pharmacology in the book to just be difficult to follow and didnt really add much.

    Either both me and my friend BOTH failed the first time, and used the yellow Saunders book and both passed (well my friend definitely passed, i got the good popup but am still waiting)

    I HIGHLY recommend that the yellow Saunders book be the basis for any study program then just combine it with whatever questions you have access to or find recommended. Good luck !
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  3. by   Nikku
    Thank u I am also using it but sometime feels bore , how long did it take to finish Saunders ?
  4. by   koukla-mou
    Thank you so much for sharing you story, advice, and success! Congrats RN! I am definitely going to get the Saunders book as I prepare for my second attempt! I was devastated by failing the exam in the end of August and am trying to gear myself back into prep mode. Thanks again, Allie
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    Quote from Nikku
    Thank u I am also using it but sometime feels bore , how long did it take to finish Saunders ?
    I actually didnt finish it, I got to like page 850~ then got distracted with real life

    And interestingly enough the questions on the test that I struggled with the most (eye stuff, ear stuff, aids, psych) were all in the last 300-400 pages.

    I still passed, but that book definitely helps out.

    I would usually do 80-150 pages over 6-8 hours.

    Some chapters eventually take a LOT more time (ie cardio) because they are far more difficult and detailed. While other chapters (positioning, lab values etc) are incredibly straightforward and you can fly through.

    My best guess is 50-60 hours give take 10-15 for most people to read the entire thing well.

    I also read Saunders Strategies for Test Success: Passing Nursing School and the NCLEX Exam, 2e (Saunders Strategies for Success for the NCLEX-RN Examination): Linda Anne Silvestri PhD RN, Angela Silvestri MSN RN: 9781416062028: Books

    (was mandated to have it for school)

    And I can say it probably helped me get at least an extra 10 questions right (out of 265) on the actual exam when it came down to guessing stuff I had no clue on.

    That Saunders book really covers everything though.

    And I STRONGLY STRONGLY recommend anyone who plans on taking the NCLEX knows lab values inside out.

    You could have anywhere from 40-100 + questions that have a lab value either in the question, or in one of the answers. Which easily allows you to eliminate or choose an answer (if you know the normal ranges)

    I know I GREATLY struggled with many of the questions that are vague and have vague answers, so I really tried to make lab values my bread and butter and it worked.
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    Thank u I am also going through hope I can.