Failed Repeat Test Taker

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am a repeat NCLEX-RN taker. I took the exam at 1pm (California), finished ALL 265 questions in about 5 hours. I went in feeling like I knew more than before, but the test is still hard regardless. I did about 1200 questions on Uworld, scores "High Chance of Passing" on BOTH their self assessments predictors.

    Icame home and used a card with insufficient funds and got the bad pop up. I did it less than 2 hours after finishing the test because some people did it within an hour and the PVT worked for them. I am bummed and just here to vent because my family wouldn't understand what I am going through.
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  3. by   DaniTheEnchanted
    I'm sorry to hear that. PVT are usually accurate at least for my case. I got the bad pop up the first time I took my exam and sure it was I failed it. Don't give up! The second time I took my exam I used Uworld. I told myself that if I failed again I would use Uworld. I didn't bother to do the trick because it stresses you out and gives you false hope on what's ifs or maybes.

    Cry it out and give yourself time and then get back to it again! You got this! The fact that you failed at 265 means you were almost there! Unlike me I failed at 75 first time but passed it with 75 a second time!! Never give up!! Believe in yourself!!
  4. by   LahDeeDah100
    Thank you! I needed to vent. It sucks having studied for so long and and going in with a positive attitude, sitting for 5 hours and trying to stay focus on all 265 questions.

    I guess there's nothing left to do other then brush it off and get back up and go for it until I make it. Thank you for your motivation! I appreciate it!