Failed pn nclex 2 and rn once

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    I have failed nclex 3 times pn twice and rn once recently! I used uworld n Mark k audios for the rn and still failed! I was wondering if y'all can help and suggestion on how to study so I can pass next time! I literally have no hope and the strength to study are just slowing going away! All I keep thinking is how crazy and embarrassing it's gonna be when I fail again! At this point idk what to do! I have been reviewing rationales from uworld and using registerednursern YouTube videos going over systems I'm just so tired! My test is in abt weeks away and I just don't know what to do! Help please!
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  3. by   jtboy29
    First, erase the negativity out of your head. Don't think about failing because you are already failing doing so. Instead, know what you did wrong and content. UWorld and Mark K only really helps if you know your core content you know the basics. Trust me, I know how it feels it took me until my third attempt at the NCLEX PN that I should of refreshed my memory with core content and connect things together. I know it's tiring studying but you can do this. You have to believe in yourself and know that you can do this.