Failed Nclex pn 2nd time need help

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    I finished my LVN program in September 2015 and took the nclex the first time May 2016. It took a while to receive my ATT. I used my Saunders book, nclex question bank on evolve, nclex mastery app. I found myself just trying to get through questions instead of actually trying to understand why it was correct or incorrect. The Saunders book wasn't much help. During exam day, I answered around 130 questions. I had a gut feeling that I had failed. 2nd time around I purchased the remar quick facts review book and uworld subscription for a month. I read through the book thoroughly and helped a lot and the uworld rationales were awesome. In hindsight, I know that I should purchase a longer subscription and really read l the rationales even if I got the answer correct. I took the nclex on Jan 9th and wrote down all my labs I remembered on the eraseable note board they give you. I felt more prepared the second time around , but still came up short and did not pass. I answered 113 questions this time around. I plan on using uworld again. My first try not passing I was bummed and depressed, hence the long gap between re-examinations. After my second try, I was a bit sad but more determined to conquer this test my 3rd time! Anyone please provide suggestions, notes/study guides etc. I really would appreciate it as a retester...we all know how expensive taking the nclex can be. Thank you
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    Understand what the questions are asking you. Don't get confused by the needless information in the questions. When it comes to priority questions always make sure you run through your Abc's, acute/chronic, and and maslows. Which patient is the most emergent. It's usually the patient with a chance of not being able to breathe, or possibility of bleeding out, or a clot. Also, which patient has an acute illness over someone with a chronic illness like copd. But a tricky one is the exacerbated chronic patient who has been wheezing non stop then all of a sudden stopped. That's a potentially emergent patient and they would need to be seen immediately.
    You def want a good knowledge base. I struggled with the endocryn system, liver and renal systems as they are my biggest weakness. I should have reviewed them more. Make sure you know the diseases for each system and the nursing implications and techniques. Hope this helps a little bit. That test is hard. It's supposed to be. But you need your complete attention and critical thinking skills for every question even if it feels like you are getting every one wrong. It's designed that way. I was on the line until 265! I took 6 hours! I passed, yes, but I understand the stress. Believe me. Good luck. You'll make it.
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