Failed NCLEX in 75 questions

  1. Hello, so I just found out that I failed the NCLEX in 75 questions and I am still really upset about it, but I am trying to move on. I realize that failing in 75 questions is pretty bad meaning I totally blew it. I used uworld and did the entire question bank and ended up in the 97th percentile overall and scored in the 98th percentile on both predictors with very high chance of passing. I made a study guide along the way taking notes of things I got wrong or topics I was struggling with and reviewed that everyday for 5 days before my test. I made sure I read the rationales to every question too.

    My school required ATI so I had to do the exit predictor which said I had 99% chance of passing. I ended up not using ATI for questions after I graduated and only focused on uworld which now I am thinking was a big mistake. I realize this is on me and I probably did not put enough time into studying thinking that I did well on my predictor. I did about 50 to 100 questions a day for about a month before my test. I just kept hearing how amazing uworld was and that almost everyone that used it was passing first try which is the main reason I focused on this.

    So the reason I am posting now is that I am interested in knowing if there is anyone else out there that failed in 75 questions using uworld? Also, if you failed on your first try what programs did you use for your second try and did they work? I am unsure if I should renew my uworld subscription and do the whole test bank again along with something else, or just use other sources? Thank you
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  3. by   Nightmaren
    Not me, but a very close and intelligent friend of mine failed in 75 questions. They were the sort of person who could take no notes in class and study the night before a test and perform phenomenally. For the NCLEX, they took their time to make sure they were 100% ready and ended up taking it later than most of the class.

    They failed in 75 questions and were devastated. We all believe that it was due to some sort of testing anxiety born out of wanting to be super duper sure that they were totally prepared for the test. Paradoxical, I know, but that's how it works sometimes. He originally prepared with UWorld, but is now preparing with Hurst Review for the retake. We all have high hopes.
  4. by   Snowangel93
    Thanks for you response, I will look into the hurst review.
  5. by   jewels08
    Did you feel like there was something about the questions that you felt unprepared for or didnt understand?

    That is terrible that you failed after the confident predictions you had with UWorld! I'm sorry
  6. by   Snowangel93
    I felt like the test found my weaker areas and I kept getting getting hit with those questions which was hurting my confidence during the test and making me more anxious. It was like I knew what the questions, but I was second guessing myself and started changing my answers which I think was ultimately what hurt me.
  7. by   NurseV85
    OMG this was EXACTLY me on saturday!I feel so lost andI'm Unsure of what to do next as far as studying... feel free to email me with any suggestions