Failed nclex at 265

  1. Hello everyone...

    I took my nclex about two weeks ago and got my results the next day showing that I failed. Honestly, I didn't even have to see the results because i KNEW i bombed that exam. I feel so defeated. I used Uworld but I feel like I should have studied content BEFORE using Uworld. I am now using Hurst review and it's helping me a lot. I just want to know if there is anyone out there who's been in my position and what they did to pick themselves back up again. Has anyone used Hurst after failing? How much did it help you? And lastly, were u able to pass the 2nd time? I really want to pass this 2nd time around. I know that with God, all things are possible. Be blessed.
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  3. by   Flnolegirl
    I heard Hurst is really good I myself have not used used it...I used Kaplan & Uworld and failed...stay positive you can & will conquer NCLEX...
  4. by   FlaCR
    I took NCLEX twice. I failed first time with 76 questions. I used just Kaplan and Saunders for content review. I took the second time on October 19th, and I passed. I used Uworld, Saunders, and I had a private tutor who helped me a lot, specially in building confidence. Be patient. Try to be calm. You'll pass.
  5. by   Jblacksmith
    Hi friend, I took the NCLEX in Aug and failed with 265 questions, funny thing was, I left that room feeling great and confident and elated. The next morning I looked up my name in state boards and saw the failed NCLEX exam, I was bummed big time, but I stayed that day listening to Israel Houghton station on Pandora.
    I am a firm believer in Christ too, he lifted me up immediately, but I am human and there have been some days as I'm waiting to re- test, that i feel just horrible. I have started this devotional, it has helped me a great deal, I pray it helps you as well, and share it if you know someone who can use it Too. Keep on, keep strong, God Bless and 4get the Rest!!

    Prayers for Anxiety - 3 Days of Praying over Fear with God's Promises
  6. by   Jblacksmith
    Sorry, 4 got to mention that I am using Kaplan quiz bank and studying the rationales along with the Kaplan decision tree
  7. by   FLgirl28
    Hey there.. thanks so much for sharing that link. I have definitely been dealing with fear and anxiety and God has been working on me, even since the time I wrote this post. We will get through this by The Grace of God. I have been using hurst review for content and it has been very helpful. Looking back, I feel like I underestimated the exam. I was nowhere near as organized as i am now. Needless to say, God knows what He's doing with me. He really wants us to be prepared before going out into the field. Thanks once again for your words of encouragement. We will get through this!