failed nclex

  1. i failed the NCLEX with the computer shutting off at 173,and i am frightened about the next time. I went to nursing school in 1998 and stopped in 2001 then i went back in 2007 and completed, but i feel that the material from 1998-2001 is gone. Is there any one out there with any suggestions?
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    Sorry to hear you failed

    I have edited your post so hopefully you will get more support and also quoted a poster from 2 years ago

    Good job on going back and completing your training. There are some really good threads on study material here on the forum. I would suggest checking out Suzanne's plan on which she uses Saunder's review book and you need to follow instructions as set out in her sticky, here is the link, once you have completed the first step you send her a pm which can be done by clicking her name and then click private message on the drop down box

    I would not re schedule sitting the exam until you feel ready to do it. Good luck

    Suzanne's Plan