Failed Nclex

  1. Hi everyone,

    I failed Nclex RN on first try. I took Kaplan and Hurst, but was unsuccessful.

    Can anyone share any other resources that worked for you?

    I just purchased UWorld for 90 days. I read somewhere on here that Mike Klimek audios are very helpful. Does anyone know how to obtain them?

    Please help!
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  3. by   whywait
    I also failed my first Nclex. The first time I only used Uworld. The second time I used UWorld with priority delegation assignment by Linda LaCharity (I was weak in this area so I found a book to supplement my studies.

    You should plan to do 75 questions a day and spend about 2-4 hours reviewing each question whether you got them right or wrong. Try not to use tutor mode and attempt to sit through all 75 questions to simulate the Nclex exam as much as you can. I would do about 4 or 5 tests and look at the performance section and see which areas you are lacking in. The areas you are lacking in I would focus on redoing those questions and reviewing them.

    Since this was my second time taking the Nclex, it was also my second attempt at UWorld, thus I did 4000 questions. I looked at my first account and saw which areas I was lacking and did about 30 questions in those areas on top of the 75 for the new/second account in uworld.

    I reevaluated myself and tried to think really hard what I did wrong on the test; whether, it be my study habit, not knowing the content, not understand or reading the question right and not being confident in myself.

    I would also start submitting your reapply/retake application ASAP it can take up 10-12 weeks to get your ATT again. However, if you are proactive in your retake application you can get it done within 48 days. Read my other posts to see what I did to get my ATT.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask.
  4. by   Miaella1
    It sounds like a great plan!! I'll do everything as you suggested.

    I have La Charity book, but the questions are already answered since my friend let me borrow it. But I will still review it. Thanks so much! I really appreciate your advice, whywait, BSN, RN.
  5. by   julsca
    You aren't alone. I didn't get the official letter but I know I did not pass. I noticed those who passed got their results within 2 weeks and found their name in the DCA. I used uworld and my school provided us with kaplan. I'm probably going to do my renew the urworld account cause I don't think i focused well enough. When I did the assessment exam it was pretty spot on with how I was "borderline" for passing the nclex. I have la charity too. I'm going to look at it thouroughly as well but it's hard when you have already gone over the questions before. I may look into the ncbsn extension as well if i have the time.

    How long did you study?

    Sending good vibes. Keep your head up. I now it's hard to.
  6. by   whywait
    Hello Julsca,

    I believe it is quite the opposite about UWorld. Since this is your second time going through it you should definitely do better (First attempt at Uworld I scored in the mid 50s, Second attempt I was scoring between high 60s to high 70s).

    If you know the answer because the questions and answers look familiar or you memorized it; then, you should think about why it is correct and how come the others were incorrect before submitting the answer. This will help you to understand yourself better and how the test wants you to rationalize things. Not only that you have an advantage you don't have to worry about choosing the right answer, now you can truly focus on how to strategically tackle the question.

    You know the material, believe in yourself.

    Maybe you just need to improve on test taking skills. I am not a very good test taker myself. Before I went through Uworld the second time I would watch youtube and or use other resources to improve my testing skills. Sometimes it is not understanding the question correctly, not being able to think critically or weak at application.

    A friend told me to make the material fun so you can absorb it better.

    I also learned to make the questions personal. For example, instead of reading the nurse just got report on blah blah. I would say to myself "I just got shift report on.... Who should I go assess first... etc..." It helped made the scenario surreal and fun.

    Another thing I said to my self was, if there was absolutely one thing I can do to help reduce the problem what would it be?

    I also made it a habit to read the question 2-3 times before looking at the answer choices unless I absolutely know it. On the nclex I read most questions 4 or 5 times.

    If you feel like prioritization delegation and assignment was your weak point use the book; however, if it is your strong point I would try to find the areas you are weak in and improve in that with other books or contents in that area.

    Every little improvement you make for about yourself will help you have a higher chance in passing.
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  7. by   whywait
    Quote from Miaella1
    It sounds like a great plan!! I'll do everything as you suggested.

    I have La Charity book, but the questions are already answered since my friend let me borrow it. But I will still review it. Thanks so much! I really appreciate your advice, whywait, BSN, RN.

    Hi Miaella1,

    There is a pdf version I can send you if you need it. You can send me your email.

    I don't like the rationale in the book so much. I only used it practice questions.

    Uworld itself has great content.
  8. by   Miaella1
    Hi Julsca,

    Thank you so much!! I'm sorry to hear that you did not pass. I know the feeling... I didn't even want to exist in that moment when I did the pvt trick and went straight to the credit card page. I felt devastated! I didn't understand why it had happened to me! Maybe it was anxiety and the fact that I'm not great with standardized testing or the lack of content knowledge??

    After reading many posts on here I realized that I'm not alone. I'm ready to start studying again.

    To answer your question, I studied for approx. 2 months. Hopefully with UWorld and Lacharity we will pass next time.

    Good luck on your next try. We got this!
  9. by   Miaella1
    Hi Whywait, BSN, RN,

    Thanks so much! Yes, please send me the pdf version.
    My e-mail is,

    I haven't looked at the book yet, but I will start today as soon as I get home from work.

    Thanks again, I really appreciate it!
  10. by   bellyme88

    This was what I posted:

    75 questions on the exam.

    Don't go through the motion of doing 4000 questions. You can get an idea of how the NCLEX works by doing less than 2000 questions but the key point here is to read every rationale and I mean everyone of them whether you got it wrong or right. It will train you think for the test and not read deep into the unnecessary details.

    I studied on and off for two weeks using NCLEX Mastery app on my ipad and did about 1750 questions. What I found helpful was reading the rationales regardless if I got it right. The rationales will give you insight to what the questions are ACTUALLY asking vs. what you THINK it's asking and also why the other options are incorrect. You will absolutely find this helpful for the NCLEX because you can't possibly know every disease, every medication, and every step HOWEVER it will force you to critically think and come to a conclusion so you can move on to the next question. What you will take out of doing the practice exams is know how to PRIORITIZE, PREVENT FATAL outcomes, MANAGEMENT, INFECTION CONTROL etc. It is also helpful to know prefixes and suffixes. NCLEX is testing you on your ability to think critically. There were a two medications that I have never seen but because of studying the prefixes, I was able to make an educated guess.

    This will vary from person to person but I had 75 questions and utilized 45 minutes. I had about 15 SATA, 2 medications, lots and lots of priority questions (lost count), a few management, rules and regulations, one order, four infection control.

    That's my two cents: Good Luck!!
  11. by   edenone
    You can contact Kaplan and extend your online access if that is what you have. I loved Kaplan and solely used that. I went through 75-100 questions a day which helped me figure out the way to test for the NCLEX. Also, when I got a question incorrect, I would write it in a notebook along with the rationale. It was tedious but worth it. I felt it was more about knowing how to "critically," think through the question, then knowing all the material.

    Don't be discourage, get back on the grind. YOU WILL BEAT THE NCLEX MONSTER!
  12. by   Miaella1
    Thanks bellyme88 for all your advise. I will definitely read all the rationales questions both right and wrong and really try to practice on my critical thinking skills.

    I am l trying to find a way to memorize my meds because I know I'm weak in that area. Thanks again, for taking your time to share your experience. It's greatly appreciated.
  13. by   Miaella1
    Thank you for your advise and encouragement. I think I need to work on my critical thinking skills. I have been trying to write down the ones I get wrong. I've heard that helps retain the information better.

  14. by   JOSH12141980
    Quote from Miaella1
    It sounds like a great plan!! I'll do everything as you suggested.

    I have La Charity book, but the questions are already answered since my friend let me borrow it. But I will still review it. Thanks so much! I really appreciate your advice, whywait, BSN, RN.
    do it per system like if you answers the uworld qbank cardio adult after you done, then cardio pedia and cardio pharma.... mastery is the key...