Failed four times Florida

  1. Hey all ! I'm in Florida and have failed the nclex for the fourth time now. I have used, Hurst, Kaplan, lacharity, saunders, and Mark klimek. The first two times I had 78 questions, the third 265 and the fourth 158. I was very close to passing the third time because I was near passing in every category. I only used mark k and did questions. My problem isn't content however I don't think I'm reviewing the rationales properly. Any advice will help and no negativity please. Positive vibes only !
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  3. by   Sour Lemon
    I would literally open every book from nursing school and read them in their entirety. Practice questions help you review what you know. They offer little insight to the big picture, though. The big picture is what you need to understand to pass NCLEX.
  4. by   Sekayia
    Ok thank you I've always had trouble with the big picture. I've always had the details
  5. by   AlchemistRN
    When you say you used Kaplan, Saunders, etc... does that mean you did the qbank questions? My advice would be to make some drug flash cards as well with drugs grouped by class cause I know that helped me on some questions. When are you plan on re-taking it? I would set up a daily plan for questions as well as 5-8 hours to study 4-5 times a week and review every rationale. If you get the question wrong then look up the content and understand why you got it wrong. After I finished all the Saunders online qbank questions and reviewed all the rationales I realized I ended up reading and highlighting every page in the book.
  6. by   Sekayia
    I used there questions and have you ever heard of board vitals