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  1. Hey all ! I'm in Florida and have failed the nclex for the fourth time now. I have used, Hurst, Kaplan, lacharity, saunders, and Mark klimek. The first two times I had 78 questions, the third 265 and the fourth 158. I was very close to passing the third time because I was near passing in every category. I only used mark k and did questions. My problem isn't content however I don't think I'm reviewing the rationales properly. Any advice will help and no negativity please. Positive vibes only !
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  3. by   CityofAngelsRN
    It's been awhile since I've taken the NCLEX but I would suggest studying content just as much as you go over questions. Other than lab values, try not to memorize but actually comprehend what you're reading. For example, I used the Saunders book and went over each body system. I would play everything out in my head, imagining it, googling videos on that body system. Then I would go over the diseases for each system and especially for those red triangles in Saunders, I would google a case of the disease so that I would remember. Just random news articles about a patient with Graves' disease would help me remember the important need to know info because now I actually have a story and face. As for questions, that whole assessment vs intervention thing that Kaplan focuses on helped me a lot. It usually comes down to not being sure between two answers so with the information provided, do you assess more or intervene. If you've already assessed most likely the answer will be an intervention right? Also, keep in mind that the nclex is testing you on patient safety to when you get a question that you know nothing about, pick the answer that keeps the patient safe. Also, when testing, don't go too fast but also don't go too slow either. Once you've settled on your answer, move on. When looking at questions on Kaplan I would go back and look at my trends. When did I start missing more questions? For me it was around 24-25 questions so during the test that's when I took a small break, walked around, ate a small snack, and then continued. I hope some of this helps, and don't give up!
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    Thank you this was a big help !!