Exam Cram ExamForce CD CAT problem

  1. I just installed the ExamForce CramMaster software that came with the NCLEX-PN practice question book from Exam Cram (Rinehart, Sloan, Hurd) and it doesn't work. After selecting an answer for the first question it displays and error message 'No value at 1', and then forces the software to shut down.

    Anybody else experienced this issue?
    Did you get it resolved?


    If you're having this problem then load up the software and before you select 'begin exam' click:
    File > Check for Updates

    Save the updates to your computer, run them.

    Should be good to go now.
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  3. by   cynditoksRN
    Thanks for ur help, i was having the same problem before.
  4. by   rn4ever?
    The Exam Cram Book (ISBN number: 0-7897-3269-6) helped me pass the test in one attempt. It's a great material to read. I also answered many different CD trainers while reviewing. Good luck on your NCLEX Exam! You can do it!