Everyone else is getting their results, Not me!!!!

  1. Everyone around me is getting their results and they took their tests after me. I still haven't gotten mine. Has anyone been through this and still passed?
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  3. by   jlstahla
    Took mine Mon @ 800. I keep checking every few mins. When did u take tours?
  4. by   fasthorses
    I'm going on 7 business days without results on NCLEX RN - everyone else saw their name on BRN after 48 hrs. Torture. I'm in Cali - where are you? One of my classmates also waited 7 business days but he took it right before a holiday weekend. I'm the only one of my classmates to test in san francisco so I trying to rationalize that maybe it's a busier test site??? I tried re-registering at pearsonvue and was blocked so that gives me a little hope. And, my interim license is still valid - I figured they'd pull that if I failed.
  5. by   jlstahla
    Live in SC but drove to GA to get an earlier date. I did the "treat" last night and I got the pop up also. Makes me alittle more hopeful. It cut off after 75 but I felt clueless during it. I will go check it again now. I have it in a shrunk screen.
  6. by   jenniferboggan
    I'm in Mississippi. Everyone is getting their results next day. I felt clueless during the test too. I did so good in nursing school. My anxiety level is through the roof!!!!
  7. by   jenniferboggan
    I took mine on the fifth of this month.
  8. by   jlstahla
    EXACTLY 48hrs later now... PASSED!!!!!
    ps did trick it worked!!!
  9. by   jenniferboggan
    just bumping it up
  10. by   mollyjada
    I just wanted to add that I took the test yesterday @ 1:00pm and finished up at 3:00pm. Did the trick around 6:00pm and did get the "pop-up". Today I just checked the BON (MS) website and I'm showing up as an RN. So it took 24 hours for me. Did you try the "trick".
  11. by   jenniferboggan
    Yes, I tried it and the pop-up came up for me too. Just not on BON website yet. :uhoh21:
  12. by   caliotter3
    Everybody has to be patient while waiting for their results. Relax and congratulate yourself on having taken the test. Good luck.
  13. by   natalyk
    fasthorses, any news? did you hear anything?
  14. by   jenniferboggan
    Yes... I just got my results last night!!! Finally can sign my name with an RN tailing the end.... How about everyone else? Any news for you all?