Essential Drag and Drops questions

  1. Since the Random Fact Throwing was a big hit, i thought i'd start this thread on the drag and drop essentials. And as a quick reminder, as mentioned, please do not state the source from which it came from. Thanks!

    Here's my share.


    1. Put 500 - 100 mL of lukewarm water in the container.
    2. Hang the container at about shoulder height.
    3. Lubricate the stoma cone and gently insert the tubing tip into the stoma.
    4. Allow the solution to flow slowly and steadily for 5 - 10 minutes.
    5. Allow 30 - 45 minutes for evacuation.
    6. Clean, rinse, and dry skin, and apply a new drainage pouch.
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  3. by   Skeletor

    1) Turn on water
    2) Wet hands
    3) Apply soap
    4) Wash hands
    5) Rinse hands
    6) Turn off faucet with hand towel

    Did I miss something
  4. by   PA_CoffeeFreak
    Assessment of a client progressing through labor reveals the following findings. Order them in the most likely sequence in which they would have occurred.
    1. Uncontrollable urge to push
    2. Cervical dilation of 7 cm
    3. 100% cervical effacement
    4. Strong Braxton Hicks contractions
    5. Mild contractions lasting 20 - 40 seconds

    Answer: 45231
  5. by   mia98
    Stages of preparing for an expected death:

    1. Denial
    2. Anger
    3. Bargaining
    4. Depression
    5. Acceptance

  6. by   Kiky87
    A good one you might also want to know is donning/removing PPE. It's been discussed in other threads before.