Did I fail the Nclex again according to pearson trick??

  1. I took the nclex for the 2nd time. I answered all 265 questions. As soon as I came out and checked the pearson website with my phone, it went straight to the credit card page. I came home and checked again and it said the same. Did I fail it again??
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  3. by   Vee18
    Unfortunately the Pearson Trick is about 99% accurate
  4. by   ArlyneIvette
    I took NCLEX on 5/8 with all 265 questions, did PVT and went to the CC page. Waited 48 hours and did the quick results because I was in denial and sure enough I failed. The PVT is very accurate.
  5. by   Ella26
    It is pretty accurate for the most part. Unfortunately getting the credit card page mostly likely means you did indeed fail. But wait for the official results.
  6. by   esjuan45
    I took my NCLEX RN for the 2nd time, the computer shut off after question 75. I check the PVT and I got the good pop up. hopefully I passed this time.
  7. by   nursesrockk
    It's possible that the pearson vue trick is showing an inaccurate result, as it has happened to others before. The PVT does work though as I just took the NCLEX along with several other students I graduated with & we got the "good pop up"

    If you didnt pass this time stay positive! Youre time wil come
  8. by   esjuan45
    I just check with the quick result and found out that I passed